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Master's/ Doctoral Thesis(2007)

Master's Thesis (2007)

Master of Library and Information Science
Master of Information Science
Master of Philosopy

Doctoral Thesis (2007)

Doctor of Philosophy in Library and Information Science
  • Research on the state of the special support for students with Special Educational Needs in school libraries -Based on the field survey for school librarians and school staff-
  • Study of Human Resource Management for Information Professionals in Japanese Corporate Libraries
  • Research on community-oriented subject gateway and subject vocabulary
Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science
  • A Study on Developing Applications Systems Based on Singing Understanding and Singing Expression
  • A critical analysis on the confusion of "virtual child pornography" with "real child abuse"
  • An Experimental Psychological Study on Visual Production Techniques: Impression Evaluation of Filming and Editing Techniques
Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science (by way of Dissertation)
  • Comprehensive Research on the Legal System Involving Information Security
  • Studies on Communication Quality Enhancement Techniques for Wireless Local Area Network Systems

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