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Master's/Doctoral Thesis(2013)

Master's Thesis (2013)

Master of Library and Information Science
Master of Information Science

Doctoral Thesis (2013)

Doctor of Philosophy in Library and Information Science
  • A Study on Feature Analysis of Archival Metadata Standards in the Records Lifecycle
  • Professional University Librarians in Japan after World War II : A Historical Analysis of Factors Constricting their Appointment and Education
  • Value Orientation and Profit Orientation of Children’s Book Publishers : Focusing on publishing activities of publishers that specialize in children’s books in Japan
Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science
  • A study of integrated environment for heterogeneous geographic information generated in tsunami recovery processes
  • Preserving Records in the Cloud – A Model to enhance Metadata Interoperability in a Cloud Environment
  • Studies on Component Integration Architecture for End-User Media-Processing Environment
  • Development of a Digital Archive for Dao-Fa Hui-Yuan and its Application to Daoism Research
Doctor of Philosophy
  • The Training System for Senior Librarian in France
  • A Study on the Technique of Management Diagnosis for Lifelong Learning Facilities : Focusing on the Japanese Community Learning Center , ‘Kominkan’

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