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LIS English Program (for master's degree)

Master's Program in Informatics (the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences)

The University of Tsukuba will implement organizational restructuring of graduate schools and programs from April 2020.This is the first reform in Japan that has shifted all graduate schools to a degree program system, where we structured degree programs across traditional organizational boundaries.We will develop highly diverse human resource who can respond to the complex needs of the rapidly changing modern society.Professors who were previously in charge of only one major can now collaborate on other programs, and students can study their fields from a wider perspective.

Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies is going to be integrated into the new Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, and offer Master's Program in Informatics.This program aims at providing a comprehensive education at graduate level via a multi-disciplinary approach that encompasses fundamental and applied courses in Informatics and Library and Information Science (LIS).

 The entrance examination in February 2020 will be conducted by the new Master's Program in Informatics in three types:

 ・General Admission 〔Interview and English proficiency tests (TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS)〕
・Special Selection of Working Individuals〔Interview〕
・Special Selection of Global Individuals in English〔Interview* and English proficiency tests (TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS)〕**

 * Applicants of Special Selection of Global Individuals in English who live outside of Japan can take interview in their own locations by video conference system (Zoom or Skype).
**Applicants of Special Selection of Global Individuals in English who meet the requirements can take exemption from English proficiency tests. Please watch the Application Guidelines for the detail.

 Application Guidelines of General Admission and Special Selection of Working Individuals will be released here.


Master of Science in Informatics

Faculty List

 Faculty List>>

Tuition Fees

 The enrollment fee is 282,000 JPY (first year only).

 The tuition fee is 535,800 JPY/Year.

How to apply

University graduates with any major, and of any age, nationality, culture and profession are all welcomed to apply. There are no requirements on the Japanese-language proficiency.


  Application Forms[PDF] [WORD]


 Faculty List >>

・For applicants who have graduated and already a Degree Holder - you need to submit the original "Degree Certificate" and the original "Graduation Certificate".
・On the other hand, if the official certificate issued by your university already includes both information from these 2 documents ("Degree Certificate" and "Graduation Certificate"), there is NO need to submit them separately.

・For applicants who are currently enrolled in university, please submit an (Expected) Degree Certificate.
And, if the degree is included in an (Expected) Graduation Certificate, you can submit the (Expected)Graduation Certificate only. Also, please submit the latest academic transcript at this moment. (November 16, 2017)


For information on scholarship, loans, part-time work, example budget, please see Student Support at:

Register Extending System

Register Extending System allows students to complete a master’s program in a period longer than usual.
The period can be extended from the standard 2 years to 3 or 4 years.

Eligible Applicants
Working students or those who need to take care of family members, such as children or the elderlies.
Note: There is a possibility that you cannot apply for this system depending on your Status of Residence.

Payment of Tuition Fees
The annual tuition fee for those who were approved the extension will be calculated according to following expression:

(A) X (B) / (C)

       (A) Annual tuition fee which should be paid in the standard number of years
       (B) Number of years equivalent to their program’s standard number of years
       (C) Total number of years including the extended years which have been approved

 Note:The above mentioned annual fee is applied during the approved period only.

Application Period
Consult the Chair of your program as well as your supervisor for approval of application.
Submit required documents within the time period for enrollment procedure.


For any enquiry for the program, please contact us:

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