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Academic Exchange Agreement

Out school is strived to collaborate with international partners. In particular, we have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the following institutions which facilitate our global activies both in teaching and research.

CountryUniversity/InstitutionAgreement Period
China Shanghai Library 2015.1.5-2020.1.4
Korea Pusan National University 20014.4.1-2019.3.31
U.S.A. School of Information, University of Michigan 2014.12.1-2019.11.30
U.S.A. The University of Pittsburgh 2014.3.16-2019.3.15
Denmark Department of Information Studies, University of Copenhagen 2014.10.15-2019.10.14
Vietnam National Library of Vietnam 2014.2.2-2019.2.1
Germany Stuttgart Media University 2017.11.14-2022.11.13

Reference: University of Tsukuba International Index page

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