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Library and Information Science Overseas Training Grant

To extend students' knowledge about library and information science of foreign countries, the Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies and College of Knowledge and Library Sciences offer the "Library and Information Science Overseas Training Grant", with support from the Tachibana Alumni Association.


  • Master's course student, Tomoko Nakai
  • Undergraduate third grade, Miyuki Nemoto


  • Master's course student, Sakiko Uchida
  • Undergraduate third grade, Natsumi Endo
  • Undergraduate fourth grade, Miyu Tsuchiya


  • Master's course student, Takanori Shinozaki
  • Master's course student, Misato McMillan
  • Undergraduate fourth grade, Yuki Mishima


  • Master's course student, Qianxiu Liu
  • Master's course student, Asami Matsuyama


  • Master's course student, Rie Kominami
  • Undergraduate fourth grade, Rieko Hayashi
  • Master's course student, Noriko I


  • Master's course student, Qiufen Luo
  • Undergraduate fourth grade, Masaki Takeda
  • Undergarduate fourth grade, Aiko Yamamoto
  • Undergarduate third grade, Rei Goto


  • Master's course student, Ryo Yamaki
  • Undergraduate fourth grade, Mizuna Ishioka
  • Undergarduate fourth grade, Yukako Mizukami


  • PhD course student,Nawahdah Mamoun I.A. [Report]
  • Master's course student, Kyohei Yamaguchi [Report]
  • Undergraduate fourth grade, Noriko Tateno [Report]
  • Undergarduate fourth grade, Naomi Kougo [Report]


  • PhD course student, Shaney Crawford [Report]
  • Master's course student, Akiko Kuroda [Report]
  • Master's course student, Reina Hirose [Report]
  • Undergraduate fourth grade, Sanako Hara [Report]


  • No call for application


  • PhD course student, Suzuretsu Sen [Report]
  • Undergraduate fourth grade, Ayaka Sanada [Report]
  • Undergraduate fourth grade, Haruka Ando [Report]


  • PhD course student, Tomoyasu Nakano [Report]
  • PhD course student, Shizuka Yamasaki [Report]
  • PhD course student, Hiroko Matsuzaki [Report]
  • Undergraduate third grade, Machiko Ikeda [Report]

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