What's Old?

2016.10.05PublicationsPaper accepted at IRJ
2016.08.18PublicationsWorkshop summary paper at MM 2016
2016.08.11PublicationsShort Paper accepted at AIRS 2016
2016.08.09ServicesPC Member of CHIIR 2017
2016.06.30ServicesPC Member of WSDM 2017
2016.06.19ServicesPC Member of WWW 2017
2016.06.16PublicationsPanel proposal accepted at ASIS&T 2016
2016.06.14ServicesPC Member of iConference 2017
2016.06.11ServicesCo-organiser of NTCIR-13 Lifelog Task and NTCIR-13 AKG Task
2016.06.07PublicationsTwo papers will be published at NTCIR-12
2016.04.13ServicesPC Member of ICTIR 2016
2016.03.31PublicationsTwo short papers were accepted at SIGIR 2016
2016.03.23ServicesPC Member of ICADL 2016
2016.03.21PublicationsTwo papers were published at IRLLD 2016
2016.03.20ServicesPC Member of RuSSIR 2016
2016.03.05ServicesCo-Organiser of LTA 2016
2016.02.22ServicesSenior PC Member of CIKM 2016
2016.02.15ServicesPC Member of Measuring Behavior 2016
2016.01.29PublicationsPaper was published at SIGIR Forum
2015.12.01ServicesCo-Organiser of IRLLD 2016
2015.11.10ServicesPC Member of EVIA 2016
2015.10.12ServicesArea Chair PC Member of SIGIR 2016
2015.10.12ServicesPC Member of ECIR 2016
2015.09.10ServicesPC Member of CHIIR 2016
2015.06.02ServicesPC Member of Ecol 2015
2015.04.10ServicesSenior PC Member of CIKM 2015
2015.04.08ServicesPC Member of ICTIR 2015
2015.04.01TeachingTeaching portfolio was updated
2015.03.28PublicationsPaper was accepted at IP&M
2015.03.23ServicesProgram Co-Chair of AIRS 2015
2015.02.26ServicesPC Member of RuSSIR 2015
2015.02.23ServicesPC Member of FIRE 2015
2015.01.08PublicationsPaper was accepted at Education for Information
2014.12PublicationsA book chapter was published
2014.12.29ServicesPC Member of SIGIR 2015
2014.12.16TeachingKnowledge Information Resources Lab III-1
2014.12.09PublicationsTwo papers will be presented at NTCIR-11
2014.10.17TeachingResearch Methods in Informatics
2014.10.17TeachingEnglish for Specialized Subjects C-1
2014.08.05ServicesSenior PC Member of ECIR 2015
2014.08.04PublicationsShort Paper was accepted at ICCE 2014
2014.07.02TeachingInformation Literacy Lab
2014.06.23ServicesPC Member of AIRS 2014
2014.05.16ServicesPC Member of CIKM 2014
2014.04.17TeachingReference Science
2014.04.16TeachingFreshmen Seminar
2014.04.14TeachingKnowledge Information Resources Lab III-1
2014.04.10TeachingInformation Seeking and Retrieval
2014.04.03ServicesPC Member of ISIC 2014
2014.03.17ServicesPC Member of RuSSIR 2014
2014.02.07PublicationsPaper was accepted at TempWeb 2014 Workshop
2014.01.31ServicesAssociate Editor of IP&M
2013.12.19ServicesPC Member of SIGIR 2014
2013.12.17TeachingKnowledge Information Resources Lab III-1
2013.10.10ServicesPC Member of ECIR 2014
2013.10.07TeachingResearch Methods in Informatics 2013/14
2013.10.07TeachingEnglish for Specialized Subjects C-1 2013/14
2013.10.03ServicesPanel Co-chair of JCDL 2015
2013.07.05TeachingReference Science 2013/14
2013.07.01ServicesCo-organiser of NTCIR-11 Temporalia Task
2013.06.18PublicationsFull paper was published at NTCIR-10
2013.05.07TeachingKnowledge Studies Lab 2013/14
2013.04.17ServicesPC member of iConference 2014
2013.04.11TeachingInformation Seeking and Retrieval 2013/14
2013.04.08PublicationsFull paper was accepted at A-LIEP 2013
2013.04.02ServicesDemo Co-Chair of MMM 2014
2013.03.15PublicationsFull paper was accepted at TempWeb 2013 Workshop
2013.03.10ServicesPC member of AIRS 2013
2013.02.07ServicesPC member of EVIA 2013
2013.01.22TeachingKnowledge Information Resources Lab III-1
2012.12.19ServicesDoctoral Consortium Co-Chair of ECIR 2013
2012.12.15ServicesPC member of FDIA 2013
2012.12.06ServicesPC member of SIGIR 2013
2012.12.06TeachingInformation Seeking and Retrieval
2012.12.05TeachingReference Science
2012.11.30PublicationsPoster paper was accepted at ECIR 2013
2012.09.08ServicesPC member of ECIR 2013
2012.09.07TeachingEnglish for Specialized Subjects IV-1
2012.09.01PublicationsPoster paper was accepted at AIRS 2012
2012.07.30PublicationsFull paper was accepted at ICADL 2012
2012.07.18ServicesPC member of AIRS 2012
2012.04.01ResearchGrant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B) by JSPS
2012.03.19DevelopmentHow to get UPS working with networked PCs
2012.01.31TeachingKnowledge Information Resources Lab III-1 2011/12
2012.01.18ServicesPC member of USEWOD 2012
2012.01.17ServicesPC member of SIGIR 2012
2011.12.08TeachingReference Science 2011/12
2011.11.04PublicationsThree papers published at NTCIR-9
2011.10.13ServicesProgram Co-Chair of NTCIR-10
2011.09.26ServicesDoctoral Consortium Co-Chair of IIiX 2012
2011.09.16TeachingEnglish for Specialized Subject IV-1 2011/12
2011.09.13PublicationsFull paper accepted at WIS 2011
2011.09.07ServicesPC member of ECIR 2012
2011.09.06PublicationsPoster paper accepted at AIRS 2011
2011.06.27ServicesPC member of EVIA 2011
2011.05.29ServicesPC member of AIRS 2011
2011.05.27TeachingInformation Organization and Retrieval 2011/12
2011.05.17ServicesPC member of WIS 2011
2011.05.04ServicesPC member of CIKM 2011
2011.04.08PublicationsPoster paper accepted at SIGIR 2011
2011.04.01ResearchGrant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B), sponsored by JSPS
2011.04.01ResearchMSR Core 7, sponsored by Microsoft Research Asia
2011.02.01TeachingKnowledge Information Resources Lab III-1 2010/11
2011.01.26ServicesPC member of SIGIR 2011
2010.12.22ServicesPC member of USEWOD 2011
2010.12.08TeachingReference Science 2010/11
2010.10.28DevelopmentInstalling Apache Solr on Mac OS X
2010.10.12PublicationsBook review paper accepted at IR
2010.10.11PublicationsJournal paper accepted at MTAP
2010.09.08ServicesPC member of ECIR 2011
2010.09.03TeachingEnglish for Specialized Subjects IV-1 2010/11
2010.07.29ResearchVisiting University of Sheffield for 4 weeks
2010.07.17PublicationsFull paper accepted at CIKM 2010
2010.07.01ServicesEvaluation Co-Chair of NTCIR-9
2010.06.21ServicesPC member of CIKM 2010
2010.06.03ServicesPC member of ASIS&T 2010 (Interactive Information & Design Track)
2010.05.31PublicationsWorkshop paper accepted at WIS 2010
2010.05.30PublicationsJournal paper accepted at IP&M
2010.05.29PublicationsFull paper accepted at IIiX 2010
2010.05.27ResearchTravel Support Grant by University of Tsukuba
2010.04.13ServicesPC member of AIRS 2010
2010.04.01ResearchGrant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B) by JSPS
2010.03.25PublicationsPoster paper accepted at SIGIR 2010
2010.03.14PublicationsFull paper accepted at JCDL 2010
2010.02.25ServicesPC member of IIiX 2010
2010.02.16ResearchList of IIR books
2010.01.29ServicesTravel Support Chair of NTCIR-8
2009.12.13ServicesPC member of SIGIR 2010
2009.12.03TeachingReference Science 2009/10
2009.11.13ServicesPC member of EVIA 2010
2009.10.26ServicesPC member of CIRSE 2010
2009.10.01HomeStarted at the University of Tsukuba

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