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Depager is an extensible parser generator. It is based on the object oriented parser construction method we proposed, the paper is written in Japanese (*1). The parger for depager is also written in Japanese (*2). It is available via rubygems.org/depager.
  1. Chikara Satake and Hisashi Nakai : An Approach to Parser Construction Based on Object - Oriented Method, IPSJ Transactions of PRO, Vol 45, No. SIG12, pp. 25 -- 38, 2004.
  2. Jun'ich Maita, Akira Sato and Hisashi nakai : An Extensible Compiler Generator, IPSJ Transactions of PRO, Vol 47, No. SIG16, pp. 1 -- 9, 2006.

Error Handling methods implemented as Extension of Depager

About this implementation, see here .

Pascal-S Compiler

We developed a Pascal-S compiler using SableCC.
This compiler emits Pascal-P4 code.
You can get the P4 interpreter via http://www.cwi.nl/~steven/pascal/



Special Thanks to Megumi Kudo!


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