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*ޤǤΥζӡԤԤζӤϤ[http://slis.sakura.ne.jp/gyoseki.html] [#pfaa1821]
*ԤԤζӤϤ[http://slis.sakura.ne.jp/gyoseki.html] [#pfaa1821]

**ʸ [#mf99de6b]

-ӰӲ, Է (2013)~
BlogTwitter ˽񤫤줿󶡤 Web Ȥιۡ~
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-ݽҡԷܽͺ (2010)~
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-ļԷ (2009)~
޽۳, vol.61, no.4, p.234-244.

-ҡԷ (2009)~
޽۳, vol.60, no.5. p.290-301.

**ݲ [#p57519f5]

-Nomura, Nozomi, Arai, Shunsuke and Tsuji, Keita (2014)~
"Investigations on Reference Books Held in Japanese Public Libraries," Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on E-Service and Knowledge Management (ESKM 2014). (31st August - 4th September (3rd September), 2014 at Kitakyushu International Conference Center, Fukuoka, Japan) p.59-63.

-Arai, Shunsuke and Tsuji, Keita (2013)~
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-Arai, Shunsuke and Tsuji, Keita (2012)~
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-Nagami, Soichiro and Tsuji, Keita (2010)~
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-Kikawada, Akemi and Tsuji, Keita (2009)~
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**زȯɽ [#lcfa2791]

-ͧ, Է (2014)~
62ܿ޽۾ز񸦵ȯɽ׹. (2014ǯ1129-30ܰڻ ֽ߲, 29) (to appear).

-ʸϯԷ (2010)~
58ܿ޽۾ز񸦵ȯɽ׹. (2010ǯ109-10̳ƻڻ ƣ, 9) p.53-56.

-ļĸˡԷ (2010)~
58ܿ޽۾ز񸦵ȯɽ׹. (2010ǯ109-10̳ƻڻ ƣ, 9) p.1-4.

-ӰӲԷ (2010)~
2010ǯܿ޽۾زյ潸ȯɽ׹. (2010ǯ529ܵԻ Ʊּ) p.67-70.

-ļԷ (2008)~
2007ǯܿ޽۾زյ潸ȯɽ׹. (2008ǯ329ʸ ) p.7-10.

-ƣҲ¡Է (2006)~
Web μФμưФͭѤɽ~
54ܿ޽۾ز񸦵ȯɽ׹. (2006ǯ1021-22ʡ̶彣 彣, 22) p.121-124.