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From the Academic Service Office

Bulletin Board

Notifications from the University to students are posted only on the “Web Bulletin Board System TIPS”. Be careful not to overlook important notices, procedures, changes of the classroom, class cancellation, etc.

Please understand that once a notification is posted on TIPS, it is considered that all students read it. No student may object afterwards for the reason that they failed to see notifications.

Long-term Repository Publish Information about Research Grants on the Internet
Long-term Repository Regarding University of Tsukuba Email Addresses for Students
Long-term Repository Schedule of the course registrations and grades of FY2018
Long-term Repository Change of TWINS
Long-term Repository Tokyo Satelite (Tokyo Campus)

Thesis Submission

First Stage of

Doctoral Program 

Degree Application Guide            Version for Academic Year 2018
                                                       (Date Revised;2018.4.18)

Forms of degree application 

・Thesis Title Registration[WORD,PDF]

How to fill[PDF]

・Application for Master’s Thesis Review[WORD,PDF]

How to fill[PDF]

・Electronic Library Registration Form (Tsukuba Repository)[WORD,PDF
How to fill[PDF]

Second Stage of

Doctoral Program

Degree Application Guide             Version for Academic Year 2018
                                                        (Date Revised;2018.4.18)

Contact Address

Academic Service Office for Library and Information Science Area
TEL: +81-29-859-1120
FAX: +81-29-859-1162
Further information may be obtained by using the Inquiry Form

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