Takaku Laboratory

Takaku Laboratory is a research group affiliated to College of Knowledge and Library Sciences and Graduate Program in Informatics, its former name was Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies, at University of Tsukuba. Takaku Laboratory has been established in 2013. The laboratory focuses studies in the fields of information retrieval, information seeking behavior, digital library, information organization, and scholarly communication.

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A journal article written by Prof. Kikkawa, Takaku and Prof. Yoshikane has been published at Scientific Data.

  • Jiro Kikkawa, Masao Takaku, Fuyuki Yoshikane. Dataset of first appearances of the scholarly bibliographic references on Wikipedia articles. Scientific Data, vol.9, article no. 85 (2022-02)



MSc student Itsumi Sato presented at iConference 2021.

  • Itsumi Sato, Masao Takaku. Aggregation and Utilization of Metadata for Intangible Folk Cultural Properties Using Linked Open Data iConference 2021, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), vol.12645, pp.154-164 (2021-03)


The recent published journal article (in Japanese) written by PhD student Kikawa-san has been introduced in a blog post by non-profit organization Wiki Education, which is trying to make use of Wikipedia for higher education.

  • Reference: Jiro Kikkawa, Masao Takaku, Fuyuki Yoshikane: Time-series Analyses of the Editors and Their Edits for Adding Bibliographic References on Wikipedia (in Japanese). Journal of Japan Society of Information and Knowledge. vol.31, no.1, 17p. (2021-01) (in print)



PhD student Yan Cong presented her research at ALIRG 2019 (The 11th Asia Library and Information Research Group Workshop). Prof. Takaku also presented at the poster session.

  • Yan Cong, Masao Takaku. A Prototype of the Method on How to Collate Tang Poems. ALIRG 2019, Beijing, China (2019-11)
  • Masao Takaku, Yuka Egusa. A Lightweight Application Profile Description with Shapes Constraints Language (SHACL): A Case Study from Japanese Textbook Linked Open Data. ALIRG 2019, Beijing, China (2019-11)



PhD student Yan Cong presented her research at Doctoral Consortium at ICADL/A-LIEP/AP-iSchools 2019.

  • Yan Cong. The Study on Tang poem’s Infrastructure and Its Application. Doctoral Consortium at ICADL/A-LIEP/AP-iSchools 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2019-11


MSc student Yan Cong presented at ALIRG2018.

  • Yan Cong, Masao Takaku. Expanding Tang Poems LOD Dataset with External Resources. ALIRG 2018, Kyushu, Japan (2018-12)


PhD student Jiro Kikkawa presented his research at WikiCite 2018.


MSc student Cong Yan presented at The Japanese Association for Digital Humanities Conference 2018 (JADH2018).

Moreover, she presented a lightning talk at the East Asian/Japanese SIG session in the jointly held conference TEI2018.

  • Yan Cong, Masao Takaku. TEI Markup for Tang Poems from Japanese Textbooks. TEI 2018, Tokyo, Japan (2018-09)



MSc student Cong Yan presented at The Japanese Association for Digital Humanities Conference 2017 (JADH2017).


PhD student Jiro Kikkawa presented his research at WikiCite 2017.



PhD student Jiro Kikkawa presented his research at the 18th International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries (ICADL2016).



MSc student Ximei Song presented at the NTCIR-12 Conference.

  • Ximei Song, Yuka Egusa, Hitomi Saito, Masao Takaku. IRCE at NTCIR-12 IMine-2 Task. Proceedings of The 12th NTCIR Conference (NTCIR-12), Tokyo, pp.55-59 (2016-06)


This web site for Takaku Laboratory is launched.

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