* For those who wish to join the laboratory [#z13af747]

We seeks enthusiastic, technically competent, hard-working, and team-oriented graduate students and collaborate researchers from all over the world. Applicants are expected to have a strong interest in either of information retrieval, information seeking behavior, or digital library research fields.

If you are a foreign student and wish to join the laboratory, please directly contact me via email.

Please include the following information in the message:

-Curriculum vitae
-Possible dates or schedule for joining the laboratory
-Category of students: Research student, Master student, or PhD student?
-Your English proficiency
-What career pathes will you pursue?
-Grade reports at your college
-Description of your research experiences and outcomes
--List of publications, if possible.
-Research proposal
-How to cover the expenses: Any plans for scholarships or other ways?

Without these information, I cannot consider the possibility of advisory.
Without these information, we cannot consider the possibility of advisory.

Thank you.


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