A-LIEP 2009
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Day 1 (March 6, 2009: Friday)
11:00-13:00: Registration
13:00-13:15: Opening remark
13:15-14:15: Plenary session

Moderator: Chihfeng P. Lin

Establishing Communities of Practice: A Practice-Based Model of Continuing Education for School Librarians and Teachers / Violet H. Harada

Perceptions of LIS Graduate Students of Peer Learning / Shaheen Majid; Rakiba Reaz Tina

14:30-16:30: Panel
"Collaboration of Information School in Asian and Pacific Region"
More than 10 years have already passed since Information Schools(iSchools) movement in North America. A consortium of information schools in the Asia-Pacific (CiSAP) was launched recently. The panel will discuss the concept of iSchools, their guiding principles, vision, mission, goals and objectives. The panelists will give their views and ideas for new directions of education and research at their schools and discuss future possible collaboration in the global iSchool community.


Rowena Cullen(School of Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
Christopher Khoo Soo Guan(Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
Ronald L. Larsen(School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, USA)
Koti S. Raghavan(Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, India)
Kulthida Tuamsuk(Khon Kaen University, Thailand)
Qingshan Zhou(Department of Information Management, Peking University, China)

Shigeo Sugimoto(Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies, University of Tsukuba, Japan)

16:45-17:15: Sponsor session 1


2. ProQuest & SUNMEDIA Co.,Ltd.


NIMS Workshop
(Media Hall, Information Media Union 2F)

17:15-17:45: Sponsor session 2

4. Ex Libris & USACO Corporation

5. I Japan corporation

6. TRC Library Service Inc.

18:00- Reception

Day 2 (March 7, 2009: Saturday)
9:30-11:00: Track A: Education(1)

Moderator: Sajjad ur Rehman

A Study on the Requirements for Launching e-Learning Programmes to LIS Education in Japan: Challenge of DEPLIS / Mitsuhiro Oda; Sachiko Nakajima; Makoto Setoguchi

Knowledge Management Education in Library and Information Science Schools: An Exploratory Study / Md. Roknuzzaman; Katsuhiro Umemoto

LIS Education and the Changing Face of East Asian Librarianship / Noriko Asato

Challenges and Problems of Library and Information Science Education in India; An Emerging Knowledge Society and Developing Nation of Asia / I. V. Malhan

Track B: Practice(1)
(Media Hall, Information Media Union 2F)

Moderator: Yushina Mansor

"Learning to Speak Web 2.0": Teacher-Librarians Playing with 21st Century Technologies / Joanne De Groot ; Jennifer L. Branch

Competition or Cooperation in an Era of Change: Tensions Between School and Public Libraries in Alberta, Canada / Joanne De Groot; Jennifer L. Branch

Perceptions of Education, Learning and Access: Public Libraries and the Internet in Singapore / Adrian Heok; Brendan Luyt

Perceptions of the Impact of User Education and Information Literacy on the Use of Information Resources: A Nigerian Perspective in the Information Age / Manir Abdullahi Kamba

Track C: Research(1)
(Meeting Room for Joint Research 1, Information Media Union 3F)

Moderator: MeiMei Wu

A Bibliometric Analysis of Asian Authorship Pattern in JASIST, 1981-2005 / Han-Wen Chang

Towards a Research Agenda for LIS in the East and Southeast (SE) Asian Region: Some Preliminary Thoughts / Kerry Smith

Investigating Multi-Linguistic Information in Japanese University Libraries' Web Pages / Takayuki Matsubara; Kumiko Kondo; Takafumi Suzuki; Shuntaro Kawamura; Maniko Katsura

Issues in Ontology Design for a Clinical Decision Support System / Christopher Khoo Soo Guan; Jin-Cheon Na

11:15-12:15: Keynote

"Turning Point of Library Activities"
Makoto Nagao
(Director of National Diet Library, Japan)

Libraries are confronted with the age of information technology and are forced to go toward digital library system. They have to digitize not only library materials but also capture web information. They have to preserve digital materials for a very long period, and give convenient and high-quality retrieval services to users.
To go in this direction it is essential to foster education and training activities of librarians in information science and software technology, particularly natural language processing technologies, their software construction and maintenance. The paper will discuss these problems in some details.

Moderator: Shigeo Sugimoto (Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies, University of Tsukuba, Japan)
Poster session(Lecture Room 104) & Lunch(SHOKUDO Hall)

Poster Presentation
(Lecture Room 104)

  • A Collaborative Model for the National Library and Documentation Centre of Sri Lanka / M. K. Weerasinghe

  • Action Research into E-learning Curriculum Development for Library and Information Science in Taiwan / Mei-Ling Wang; Chiao-Lun Chen

  • Application of Iso Standards for Quality Education and Training in Library Services / Chandrashekara M.; C. P. Ramasesh

  • Education for Digital Library in Asian Countries / Ahmead Bakeri Abu Bakar

  • Filtering Software in Japanese Public Libraries and their Performances / Keita Tsuji; Akiko Yahagi

  • For Practice of Library Service for the Impaired Service in a Japanese Public Library-Starting of Library Service for the Visually Impaired Person and Transliteration Person / Tomoko Kondo

  • Information Literacy Competency of Library and Information Science Students at the Faculty of Humanities University of Indonesia / Indira Irawati

  • Knowledge Management and Knowledge Sharing in Indonesia Institute of Sciences (LIPI): Facing Lot of Challenges to Disseminate Scientific Knowledge for the Society / Bambang Setiarso

  • Library & Information Science Distance Education: A Pakistani Perspective / Pervaiz Ahmad; Kanwal Ameen; Muhammad Jawwad

  • LIS Education in E-Learning Environment: Problems and Proposal for Bangladesh / Shiful Islam; Salma Chowdhury; Anwarul Islam

  • Library and Information Science Research in India / Chandrashekara M.; C. P. Ramasesh

  • NLP Meets Library Science: Providing a Set of Enhanced Language Reference Tools for Online Translators / Kyo Kageura; Takeshi Abekawa

  • Quality of Research: A Commandment and Not a Compromise / Lalitha Aswath

  • Re-Examination of "One Ward, One Library Project" in the City of Nagoya / Harumi Yakushiin

  • The Problematiques of Thesaurus Construction in Iran from the Point of View of Thesaurus Makers / Aneseh Hosseinizadeh; Fatemeh Rahadoost

  • Student Expectations of Job Opportunities and Their Career: Perspectives of Master Students of the LIS Program in Southeast Asia / Shizuko Miyahara

  • Trends in Library and Information Science Education in South Asia: Issues and Challenges / Bobby Phuritsabam; Th Purnima Devi

  • Accreditation: Panacea for Producing Better Professionals / N. R. Satyanarayana

14:30-16:00: Track A: Education (2)

Moderator: Koti S. Raghavan

Internationalization of LIS Program Through Strategic Partnership / Yushiana Mansor; Nooraini Ismail

Restructuring Library and Information Education toward Knowledge Informatics Education: A Case of the Undergraduate Program of the University of Tsukuba / Hirotoyo Ishii; Chieko Mizoue; Makoto Matsumoto; Atsushi Toshimori; Hidehiko Hasegawa; Norihiko Uda; Shinichi Nakayama

Library and Information Science Education at Sultan Qaboos University in Oman: Preparing Information Professionals for Leadership and Management Roles / Mohammed Nasser Al-Suqri

LIS Curriculum Review Using Focus Group Interviews of Employers / Khalid Mahmood

Track B: Practice (2)
(Media Hall, Information Media Union 2F)

Moderator: Rowena Cullen

Validation of Performance Indicators for Knowledge Management Activities / Abdus Sattar Chaudhry; Kunjammai Sockalingam

Does the National Diet Library Have Pornographic Books? / Akemi Kikawada; Keita Tsuji

Empowering Information Professionals: A Training Programme on Information and Communication Technology (EIP-ICT) from UNESCO Bangkok and Japanese Funds in Trust (JFIT) / Susanne Ornager; Tamiko Matsumura

Freedom of Access to Information - Thoughts, Actions and Culture of Library Staff in Fiji / Gwen Noeline Mar

Track C: Research (2)
(Meeting Room for Joint Research 1, Information Media Union 3F)

Moderator: Christopher Khoo Soo Guan

An Analysis of Reading Profile of Generation-X in Singapore / Gladys Low; Abdus Sattar Chaudhry

Print Media and Modern Subjects: A Transcendental Examination / Bin Umino; Kyo Kageura; Shinichi Toda

The Role of the Hospital in Support of the Right of Reading - from Japanese Hospital Patient's Library Investigation 2007 - / Minoru Maeda

Using Evaluation Grid Methods and Think Aloud Methods to Identify Undergraduate Students' Image of a Desirable Bookstore / Fukuji Imai; Shuntaro Kawamura

16:00-16:30: Coffee Break
16:30-17:30: Track A: Education (3)

- Online Session -

Moderator: Yumiko Kasai

Families, Technology and Library Education for Public Librarians: Promoting Use, Promoting Understanding Across International Boundaries / Susan E. Higgins

An Evaluation of the Graduation Papers at the Faculty of Library and Information Science (FLIS), Hanoi University of Culture (HUC), from 2004 - 2008 / Nguyen Cuong Linh

International Collaboration Between Schools of Librarianship and Information Studies: Current Issues / Ian M. Johnson

Track B: Practice (3)
(Media Hall, Information Media Union 2F)

Moderator: Danuta Nitecki

Institutional Repositories and the Role of Academic Libraries / Rowena Cullen; Brenda Chawner

Qualitative Evaluation of a Polytechnic Library As a Learning & Social Hub / Jaclyn Teo; Serena Tan

Development of a Strategic Knowledge Management Model for Thai Universities / Jutharat Sarawanawong; Kulthida Tuamsuk; Chollabhat Vongprasert; Jiraporn Khiewyoo

Track C: Research (3)
(Meeting Room for Joint Research 1, Information Media Union 3F)

Moderator: Kerry Smith

Effect of Japanese Shisho Librarian Certification: Knowledge and Motivation / Keita Tsuji; Fuyuki Yoshikane; Kyo Kageura

The Correlation Between Library & Information Education and Outsourcing in Academic Libraries / Sho Sato; Hiroshi Itsumura

Development Concept for School Librarianship in the Republic of Croatia / Jasmina Lovrincevic; Dinka Kovacevic; Marija Laszlo

17:45-19:15: Track A: Education (4)

Moderator: Shaheen Majid

The Role of the Business Librarian Training Program in the Business Support Services Provided by Public Libraries Business Support Services / Seiichi Saito; Makiko Miwa; Shunsaku Tamura; Yumiko Kasai; Nozomi Ikeya; Mika Koshizuka

Training New Generation Information Workers: The Entry Level LIS Degree Program in India / K. S. Raghavan; Kaushal Giri

A Model for Dynamic Curriculum Development System for Advanced Courses through Knowledge Management in Academic Library / Sarmistha Dutta

Trends in Library and Information Science Education: Strategies and Direction Forneed-Based Reforms of LIS Training in India / Babita Jaiswal

Track B: Practice (4)
(Media Hall, Information Media Union 2F)

Moderator: Hiroya Takeuchi

The Integration System for Librarians Bibliomining / Jiann-Cherng Shieh

From the Viewpoints of People's Demand of Information and Social Activities to Discuss the Difference between Public Library and Internet Services / Nei-Ching Yeh

The Integration of Information Literacy into Web-Based Tutorial with Librarian - Faculty Partnership / Wawta Techataweewan; Kantpong Woraratpanya; Charun Sanrach

Experiences on Recruiting and Training Library and Information Management (LIM) Students in Cantho University, Vietnam / Huynh Thi Trang

Track C: Research (4)
(Meeting Room for Joint Research 1, Information Media Union 3F)

Moderator: Yuriko Nakamura

An Enhanced Electronic Access: Theses, Dissertations and Project Studies Documentation System / Jessica Go-Madeja; Marissa P. Justan

Decolonializing the East-West Information Flow in Library and Information Studies / Andrew B. Wertheimer

LIS Research In India 1980-2007: An Analysis of Doctoral Dissertations / D. Shivalingaiah; Sheshadri K. N.; Manjunatha Keralapura

What Motivates Singaporean Wikipedians? / Brendan Luyt; Ng Peck Suan; Wong Tsun-Wei Linus

19:45- Banquet

Day 3 (March 8, 2009: Sunday)
9:00-9:30: Registration

9:30-10:30: Keynote

"The Emergence of iSchools as a Transformative Force"
Ronald L. Larsen
(Dean of School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh)

Moderator: Nitecki Danuta (Associate University Librarian, Yale University. USA)

10:30-11:00: Coffee Break
11:00-13:30: Symposium

"Symposium on Future Perspectives in Globalization of Library and Information Professionals"


Reflections on Preparing Librarians for Research-based Management / Preparing LIS Professionals for Global Knowledge Process Outsourcing / Nitecki Danuta (Associate University Librarian, Yale University. USA)

Preparing LIS Professionals for Global Knowledge Process Outsourcing / Christopher Khoo Soo Guan (Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Wither International LIS Education? Some Reflections on the Pertinence, Problems and Applicability of Cross-Country and Cross-continental Analysis / Leif Kajberg (Independent Researcher and Project Evaluator, Denmark)

Trends and Issues in Globalization of LIS education in Korea / Sung Been Moon (Professor, Yonsei University, Korea)

Galápagos or an Isolated Model of LIS Educational Development?: A Consideration on Japanese LIS Eucation in the International Setting / Akira Nemoto (Professor, University of Tokyo, Japan)


Makiko Miwa (National Institute of Multimedia Education, Japan)

13:30-13:40: Closing remark

13:40-14:40: Lunch

14:40-16:40: Round Table Discussion
(Meeting Room for Joint Research 1, Information Media Union 3F)

"Collaboration on Faculty Development on Quality Assurance of LIS Programs"

Chihfeng P. Lin (Shin Hsin University, Taiwan)
(Media Hall, Information Media Union 2F)

"Toward Standardization of the National Curriculum of LIS Education:
A Workshop on the LIS Proficiency Test in Japan"

(Language: Japanese)