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Schedule of graduate admission 2020 (recommendation & Aug.)  is announced. (2019.4.1) 

Application guidelines for general admission 2020 (recommendation & Aug.) will be announced in late April. 

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LIS English Program

LIS English program is designed for international students who pursue a career of information professionals in global context. Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies at the University of Tsukuba is the first and only institution in Japan that offers a full-time, two years master’s degree as an English Master's program and three years doctoral degree as English doctoral program in Library and Information Science.

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Dr. Makoto P. Kato has been appointed as an Associate Professor on April 1st.


Prof. Nobuyuki Midorikawa retired. The final lecture was held on March 22 (Fri.) 15:15-16:30 at Room 7A205. 

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Awards, Grants, and Media coverage


Takuya Okada (Supevisor: Associate Prof. Nobutaka Suzuki) received a student presentation award in the DEIM 2019. [LINK]


Koichiro Kinai (Supevisor: Prof. Yuji Hirakue) received a library research encouragement award from the Nippon Association for Librarianship. 


Associate Prof. Hideo Joho will be selected as a BEST FACULTY MEMBER 2018. [LINK]


Masaki Oguni (Supevisor: Associate Prof. Yohei Seki) received a stage presentation award in ARG conference on Web Intelligence and Interaction. [LINK]


Sayuri Yoshizawa (Supevisor: Prof. Yuji Hirakue) received a best presentation award in the conference of Mita Society for Library and Information Science. [LINK]


Assistant Prof. Masanori Koizumi's monograph Inherent Strategies in Library Management (Oxford; Elsevier: Chandos Publishing, 2017) was awarded a Japan Society of Library and Information Science Award. [LINK]


Laboratories of Associate Prof. Norihiko Uda and Assistant Prof. Atsushi Matsumura received a Special Academic Award at Sohosai Campus Festival GP 2018. [LINK]


Prof. Tomoo Inoue's research on co-eating was introduced in The Mainichi Newspaper and Tokyo Shimbun. [LINK]


Kazunori Sugawara (Supevisor: Associate Prof. Nobutaka Suzuki) received an enterprize award and student encouragement award in the WebDB Forum 2018. [LINK]


Chen Xinnan (Supevisor: Assistant Prof. Kei Wakabayashi) received a student encouragement award in the WebDB Forum 2018. [LINK]

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