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School Teacher-Librarian Course

The Institute of Library, Information and Media Science provided a school library teacher-librarian program sponsored by the MEXT.

Based on the School Library Act (Act No.185 of 1953), Article 5, Item 3, this course is designed to train teacher-librarians who would assume specialized duties that require expertise at school libraries.

Course dates and number of participants in the past five years

Academic yearCourse datesNumber of participants

Course canceled to prevent the spread of COVID-19

(only document applications accepted)

2019 July 24 – August 8 45
2018 July 26 – August 6 38
2017 July 25 – August 9 39
2016 July 25 – August 3 52

Course subjects provided in the past five years

Subject titleAY 2016AY 2017AY 2018AY 2019AY 2020
School Management and School Libraries      
Use of Information Media      
School Libraries and Media      
Teaching and School Libraries      
Reading and Human Development      

A Lecture on School Management and School Libraries

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