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Tuition Exemption and Scholoarships

Tuition Exemption and Scholarships
(1) Exemption of Tuition and Fees [Section in Charge: Student Support Section]

Entrance Fee and tuition exemption that exempt the entire or half of the tuition may be granted to individuals who have difficulty paying the fees due to financial problems or some other unavoidable circumstances.

Exemption of Tuition and Fees

(2) Scholarships [Section in Charge: Student Support Section]

Scholarships offered by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), local public organizations, and private-sector are available at the University of Tsukuba. These scholarships are granted only to those who are academically and personally excellent, and are healthy but face difficulty in tuition payment due to an economic reason.



Parking Permit

 When using cars or motorcycles as transportaion to the University, students have to obtain  parking permitions by applyoing to Student Welfare in each area. Duration of the parmition is one year and expires  at  the end of Academic Year, every year.  For continuous use, students need to renew parmission every year.

筑波大学交通安全会(the University trafice safety association HP)


JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists

Please be advised due dates for submission of "Year 2021 hiring (Year 2020 application) Research Fellowship for Young Scientists".
Please follow following schedules.

Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC,PD)
Due date of ID/ Password Request:        Friday, April 10, 2020
Due date of this school:                         Friday, April 17, 2020    
Here is the link of application form:

How to submit application form:
Please submit through following electrical application system.

1)In order to submit, you need to request ID and password beforehand
  Please download the request form from following link, fill in your information,
  then bring it to Research Support counter of Library, Information and Media Science Area Support Department.
2)Above due date is common to both students of "Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies" and
  "Graduate Program in Informatics, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences".
3)Allocating enough time to create the application form and having your professor reviewed are highly recommended.

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