Research Projects of Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies (2010) |

Research Projects of Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies (2010)

Exploratory research projects

Research RepresentativesResearch Themes
Kanae Suzuki Examination of factors that induce anti-social behavior of young people on the Internet
Kim Sangtae Study of information representation using 3DCG and real-time interaction
Tetsuya Shirai Investigation of formulation process and structure of modern archival materials
Nobutaka Suzuki Study of change detection algorithm for regular tree grammar
Toyoaki Watanuki Study of business model of Haikai masters
Yohei Seki Development of domain dictionary and automation of information extraction to elicit call for opinions and experience informatoin from CGM sites
Saori Donkai Development of human resource model in a learning support space at university libraries
Norihiko Uda Study of design method of library space that handles digital and paper books in a continuous manner
Atsushi Matsumura Study of organization of children books and recommendation methods based on children's questions

Grant receiving projects

Research RepresentativesResearch Themes
Shin'ichi Nakayama Measurement and analysis of brain activity data during information retrieval
Tetsuji Sato Study on extraction of dialogue strtucture and information recommendation for the facilitation of non face-to-face communication
Tomoo Inoue Daily activities and communication in a mixed-reality environment
Teiichi Nishioka Development of learning program for authoring digital contents

International exchange projects

Research RepresentativesResearch Themes
Nobuyuki Midorikawa Research and education on Library and Information Science in China, Korea, and Japan
Jun'ichi Isoya Collaborative research with Warwick University (UK) on the development of quantum diamonds
Saori Donkai Exchange of education and research programs with Shanghai Library

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