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About Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies

The Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies, University of Tsukuba, undertakes various types of research in the fields of library and information science and information-media studies, with a focus on the whole soft infrastructure for circulating knowledge and information, which is the indispensable base for human intellectual and creative activities.

In today's society, the information network plays a vital role in the circulation and use of knowledge and information, to which traditional paper books, materials, and academic literature have made significant contributions. The importance and the emphasis of information in multi-media forms is increasing. While the information network has become a place similar to a huge library, from which we can obtain knowledge and information, we must also develop other new library functions to allow us to find precisely information we require from a large pool of unprocessed data in the information network. In these circumstances, we conduct a wide range of interdisciplinary research on information and media as the fundamental technologies for all academic fields. These researches include such features as an approach dealing with the contents of information and an approach from the users' viewpoints,  place strong emphasis on kansei (feelings).

The Graduate School (doctoral program) consists of two parts: an initial two-year master's program and a continuing three-year doctoral program. Our graduate programs aim to nurture global academic researchers and highly skilled information specialists.

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