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Training Course for Newly-Appointed Chief Librarians

Up to 2015, the Faculty of Library, Information and Media Science provided a training course for newly-appointed chief librarians being sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

This course was conducted based on the Library Act (Act No.118 of 1950) Article 7. Its purpose was to enhance individual chief librarians’ competences in library management through the acquisition of knowledge of library management and services and learning about the changes in what society expects of libraries.

During the course, lectures, reports and panel discussions were implemented over a wide range of themes, including trends in library administration, library services and networks, current conditions and the challenges that libraries face, basic understanding of public libraries, and on-site reports from libraries.

Course dates and number of participants in the past five years 

Academic yearCourse datesNumber of participants
2015 September 1 - 4 221
2014 September 2 - 5 195
2013 September 3 - 6 215
2012 November 27 - 30 221
2011 November 29 - December 2 205

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