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Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies, University of Tsukuba transitioned to Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Informatics in April 2020. Please visit the home page of Informatics Programs if you’re interested in the application from AY 2020.

The website of Master's and Doctoral Programs in Informatics is here.

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LIS English Program

LIS English program is designed for international students who pursue a career of information professionals in global context. Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies at the University of Tsukuba is the first and only institution in Japan that offers a full-time, two years master’s degree as an English Master's program and three years doctoral degree as English doctoral program in Library and Information Science.

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Graduation Ceremony will be held on March 25. [LINK]

*For more information about the University of Tsukuba Graduate School Degree Graduation Ceremony, please click here.


Prof. Makoto Matsumoto will be retiring. The final lecture will be held on March 16 (Fri.) 16:00. [Link]

Professor Makoto Matsumoto's Final Lecture (Online)


Date & Time: 3/19 (Fri.) 16:00-17:30

Application deadline: March 8 (Mon.)*Faculty of Library, Information and Media Science need not apply. *

After registration, we will send the Zoom URL to your registered email address by Tuesday, March 16. (If the number of participants exceeds the maximum number of Zoom connections, we may limit the number of participants).

Application form:


Final Presentation of Master Theses was held on January 21.[Program]


Final Presentation of Dissertation by Ms. Shihono Karikome was held on January 19. [LINK]

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Awards, Grants, and Media coverage


Prof. Atsuyuki Morishima's article appeared in Nikkei Newspaper. The title is "Prepare for the future that comes after the gig." [LINK]


Aassociate Prof. Hiroko Terasawa received the Best Paper Award in International Conference for Asia Digital Art and Design 2020. The title is "Can we really use ERP for media arts? Assessing the feasibility of P300 detection for interactive performances." [LINK]


Associate Prof. Tetsuya Maeshiro's research on owarai using AI was introduced in the DIAMOND WEEKLY.


Associate Prof. Yohei Seki received Excellent Research Award in the 16th ARG WI2.


Sayuri Yoshizawa (Supervisor: Associate Prof. Atsushi Ikeuchi and Prof. Yuko Yoshida) received 2020 Mita Society for Library and Information Science Society Award. The title of award-wining paper is "Structural Features, Problems, and Areas for Future Development in the Training of Specialists in School Libraries: from the Viewpoint of the Relationships Among “Sectors” and “Actors”." [LINK]


Akihisa Shitara (Supervisor: Associate Prof. Yoichi Ochiai) received the 4th Ibaraki Tech Grand Prix Corporate Award (Focus Systems Corporation Award). [LINK]


Associate Prof. Yoichi Ochiai's reseach group received DCAJ President Award and Innovative Technologies 2020 Special Prize -Crazy- in Innovative Technologies 2020 of DCEXPO 2020 ONLINE. [LINK]


Associate Prof. Yohei Seki received Best Paper Award Runner-up in The 22nd International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries (ICADL 2020). The title is "A Framework for Classifying Temporal Relations with Question Encoder."


Renlou Weng (Supervisor: Associate Prof. Masao Takaku) received IPSJ Yamashita SIG Research Award. The title is "Author-Oriented Book Recommendation Using Linked Open Data for Improving Serendipity." [LINK]


Prof. Tomoo Inoue received the Best Paper Award in CollabTech 2020. The title is "Preliminary Utility Study of a Short Video as a Daily Report in Teleworking."

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