Research Projects of Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies (2008) |

Research Projects of Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies (2008)

Exploratory research projects

Research RepresentativesResearch Themes
Fumio SHIMPO The Current Legal Situation on the Production of a Web Archiving by Governmental Agencies
Sangtae KIM Research on 3D Polygon Compression Algorithm for three dimension computer graphics
Makoto MATSUMOTO The rare books digital archives supporting study of the humanities
Atsuhi FUJII System for Context-Aware Encyclopedic Search (outline)
Tetsuji SATO An Evaluation of Document Representation for Knowledge Transcription
Hajime TAMURA Research of knowledge acquisition from library information phenomenon data
Yoshihiro GOTO How had Masakazu Nakai(1900-1952) led the members of the magazines "Bi-Hihyo(Beauty and Criticism)" (1930-1935), "Sekaibunka(World Culture)" (1935-1937), and the newspaper "Doyoubi(Saturday)" (1936-1937)? : the relationship between the leader of the group of the thinkers and their media
Takahide UMEDA Electrically detected magnetic resonance study of switching mechanism of resistence random access memories (ReRAM)
Masatoshi KAWARASAKI Development of a cell-phone based patient-data management support system
Masahiko MIKAWA Intelligent Perceptual Information Parallel Processing System To Smooth Human-robot Interaction
Hiromi MORITA Psychological study on visuomotor procedural memory

Grant receiving projects

Research RepresentativesResearch Themes
Junichi ISOYA Characterization of ICT device materials necessary to develop ubiquitous information environment friendly to earth
Teiichi NISHIOKA Designing the cinema workshop for children's creativity

International exchange projects

Research RepresentativedResearch Themes
Shigeo SUGIMOTO International collaboration for Education at Information Schools
Masahiko MIKAWA Collaborative Research with Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

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