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From Student Support Section

Notice and Information

    • All notice and information from the university to students are given through the Web Bulletin Board System “TIPS". Please check the TIPS regularly.


    Consultation Services

    Consulting system has provided for students to discuss various problems. Please feel free to contact Student Counseling.

     -   General Consultation Service

               •Kasuga Area (Student Consultation Room; Room 215, 7B Bldg.)

               •Student Plaza (3F, 1D North Bldg.)

      -   Student Counselling (1F , University Health Center)



    • Student Support Section

       Academic Service Office for the Library, Information and Media Sciences Area

    • Office Hour: Mon.-Fri. 8:50~12:15 13:15~17:00
    • TEL: 029-859-1130, 029-859-1131
    • FAX: 029-859-1453
    • E-mail: shien-1[at]

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