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Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning: Active learning and annotation for human-centered AI Translated by Assistant Prof. Ito et al. (Kyoritsu Shuppan, 2023, 428p).

Research on the Selection Tools used by Public Libraries in their Book Selection Practices by Tomomi Kinosita(Supervisor: Prof. Yuko Yoshida) (Jusonbo, 2022, 244p.).

Studies of Broadcast Media in Heisei Era by Prof. Tsuji (Izumi Shoin, 2022, 188p.).

Cybercrime Strategy by  Assistant Prof. Takara et al.(Seibundoh,2021,356p)

Visual Archive Studies by Prof. Tsuji (Daigaku Kyoiku Shuppan, 2020, 172p.).

Crowdsourcing Makes the Impossible Possible by Prof. Morishima (Kyoritsu Shuppan, 2020, 200p.).

Eigenvalue Analysis and Singular Value Decomposition by Prof. Hasegawa (Maruzen Publishing, 2019, 214p).

An Introduction to Bayesian Statistics and Machine Learning by Associate Prof. Tezuka  (Asakura Publishing, 2019, 220p).

Public Libraries in Finland: The Reason for the Breakthrough by Prof. Yoshida, Assistant Prof. Koizumi and Ms. Sakata-Henttonen (Shinhyoron Publishing Inc., 2019, 260p).  

The Endeavors of Dutch Public Libraries: The Reason for Paid Membership by Prof. Yoshida (Shinhyoron Publishing Inc., 2018, 254p). 

Studies of Broadcast Media in Showa Era: Genealogy of "Flower" in Cultural Programs for Women by Prof. Tsuji (Izumi Shoin, 2018, 212p). 

An Introduction to Deep Learning by Associate Prof. Tezuka  (Asakura Publishing, 2018, 180p).

Corpus and Natural Language Processing by Associate Prof. Seki et al. (Asakura Publishing, 2017, 192p).

The Present and Future of Act on the Protection of Personal Information: Analysis on the Global Trend and Japan's Emerging Development by Associate Prof. Ishii (Keiso Shobo, 2017, 528p).

Inherent Strategies in Library Management by Assistant Prof. Koizumi (Oxford: Chandos Publishing (Elsevier B.V), 2017, 234p).

For those studying library and information science edited by Prof. Itsumura et al. (Sekaishisosha, 2017, 256p).

Assistant Prof. Koizumi. "Theory of Management Strategies for Libraries: Triggers for Innovative and Fundamental Changes". Advances in Library Administration and Organization, 2016, p.63-85.

Movie Media Studies - from movies to television and to the Internet by Prof. Tsuji 

Dynamic Textbook of Liver Surgery (Content creation and 3DCG by Associate Prof. Kim)

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Museum Management edited by Prof. Mizushima

Document infrastructure and development techniques of digital archives: Viewpoint to record heritage co-edited by Prof. Mizushima, Prof. Taniguchi, and Prof. Itsumura

To the fellows who will make the world of the future by Assistant Prof. Ochiai

Century of magic by Assistant Prof. Ochiai

IAAL University Library Operational Proficiency Test Questions Collection 2016
by Prof. Ohba et al.

Learning Commons in the World
by Prof. Mizoue

Cultural Heritage Information: Access and Management by Prof. Sugimoto, Prof. Nagamori, D.C. students Mihara and Homma, et al.

Collaboration Technologies and Social Computing Edited by Prof. Inoue, et al.

Digital Enlightenment Yearbook 2014 by Prof. Joho and Prof. Ishii (Edited by O'Hara, et al.)

The Present and the Future of Laws on Personal Data Protection: the Global Tendency and the Future Perspective in Japan by Prof. Ishii

도서관의 고령자서비스
by Prof. Mizoue, Prof. Donkai, and Prof. Watanuki. (Jointly translated by Yoon Hee-Yoon and Son Ji-Hyeon)

The Learning Museum: New Trends in Museum of the 21st century (Report 7)
by Prof. Mizushima et al.

Idea Generation Methods and Collaboration Technologies
by Prof. Inoue et al.

New Commentaries on the Acts on Access to Information, the Act on Protection of Personal Information, the Act on Management of Public Records (seven acts on handling information) by Prof. Ishii et al. (Eds. Masahiro Uzaki, Kazuteru Tagaya, Yasuhiko Tajima, Hiroshi Miyake)


Handbook of Human Computation
by Prof. Morishima et al.

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