Vol.2, No.2 |

Vol.2, No.2


Japanese Communication with Strangers in Japan
Duronto, M. Patricia, Tsukasa NISHIDA, Shin-ichi NAKAYAMA 1

Foundation of Library Function in Takinogawa Gakuen and its Development
-The Examination of Libarary Function at the Early Term of Feebleminded Education in Japan-
Takenori NOGUCHI 13

Library Schools and Accreditation System in the US
Chieko MIZOUE 33

A study on the libraries of the children's halls and their staff in Tsukuba City
Yuji HIRAKUE, Yumi AKUTSU, Shigekazu ISHIKAWA, Takenori NOGUCHI 45

Outcomes Assessment Indicators for Public Libraries in Japan
Asuka SATO, Haruki NAGATA 61


The contribution rules of the scholarly journals in the history field
-the present situation and the suggestions-
Chihomi SANNAMI 79

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