Vol.3, No.1 |

Vol.3, No.1


Zum Begriff der inneren Sprachform bei W.v.Humboldt
Ryuji ENDO 1

'SHINRA-NO-KIROKU' and the historical records of SHINRAMYOUJIN
Toru SHINDO 19

Translation novels of Haruki Murakami & Jun-iti Watanabe and Chinese modern society -The way of acceptance of Japanese Literary Arts in China (2)-
Kang Dongyuan 29

OSHIRO Tatsuhiro unpublished works -To pay attention to a sensuous difference between Okinawa and mainland, Japan-
Minako GOYA 41

A Study of Meiji Haikai Kingyoku-shu as a Medium of Haikai Arts in the Middle Meiji Era
Akio KAWAI 51

On Ebbs's Idea of Samness of Extension across Time
Mikiko YOKOYAMA 63

Role of the literary museums in the creation of individual bibliographies
Hiroyuki OKANO 77

Relationship between Special Needs Education and School library in England:
-Based on the social background and the case study of school library-
Hiroyo MATSUDA 89

A display medium in the new era: Electronic Paper
-Present status and evaluation study of e-paper -
Bingbing KOU, Ken SHIINA 121

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