Vol.9, No.1 |

Vol.9, No.1


Tsureduregusa’s Reception in Zhouzuoren
:With a Focus on Kenko’s influence

Lingji HAN, Toyoaki WATANUKI 1

A study of a collection of haiku poems Shigureshu

Toyoaki Watanuki 11

A Study on Tama City Library Case based upon the analyzes of discussions and cases on the fair use doctrine in the U.S. copyright law

Maiko MURAI 17

Narushima Ryuhoku’s Experiences in the USA
: Taking Clues from his Chinese Poems

Misako GUJIMA 35

How Do People Use Open Access Papers in Non-academic Activities?
: A Link Analysis of Papers Deposited in Institutional Repositories

Sho SATO,Hiroshi ITSUMURA 51

Development of Infographic indicating relationships among historical events

Koji HANYU,Sangtae KIM 65

Library manners in modern Japanese books on rules of decorum

Saori DONKAI 77

Study of " Katei" of" Katei-Koza"that is radio programs brordcast at the beginning of the Showa era

Rie Honma,Toyoaki Watanuki 89


The combined seminar for learning technical communication with the subject matter of Twitter

Chihomi SANNAMI,Atsushi HIRAYU 97

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