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Master's/ Doctoral Thesis(2005)

Master's Thesis (2005)

Master of Library and Information Science
  • Characteristics of library studied from the viewpoint of inter-subjectivity
  • The history of the music copyright in France -The 19th century from the Revolution-
  • Research for identification of ITOIN from KODOUIN by the character of faces of seals
  • A study about the relationship between worth-oriented activities and profit-oriented activities of children's book publishers
  • Development of Danish Public Library
  • Outcomes Assessment Indicators for Public Libraries in Japan
  • Why do adults read picture books? : Focusing on the proportion of healing infantile behavior
  • The study of the King's Library in the 18th century
  • Does Electronic Publication Affect Circulation and Evaluation of Journals? : A Citation Analysis
  • The analysis of user demands based on actual use of retrieval systems for constructing a resource sharing system
  • Business information services in public libraries
  • Searching and showing similar records in reference Q&A databases
  • Reading guidance in school education of Japan after the World War II -Focus on Namekawa Michio's "life guidance by reading" theory-
  • Contingent Employment in Private University Libraries
  • Empirical research on the service for unaffiliated users of university library
  • Outsourcing and Its Services in Special Libraries
  • User's positive moods in public libraries -Relation with use behavior, evaluation, and space-
  • A Study of School Library Staff regarding Assignment and Duties based on the Questionnaire
Master of Information Science
  • Development of An Unsolicited Bulk E-Mail Filter Based on Language Independent Method
  • Text Segmentation and Hierarchization Using Variable-length Analysis Sections
  • A Data-Transformation Support System Using a Conceptual Schema Extraction Approach
  • Speech Enhancement by Inter-Channel Signal Processing using Multi-Channel Microphones
  • Research of the knowledge acquisition and share system using XML Topic Maps
  • Analysis of variations in hand-written characters using Interactive Genetic Algorithms
  • Construction of hand-written character data base for clarification of transformation and individuality
  • Mixed Sound Sources Recognition by Stochastic Modeling for Signal Sources
  • A Search Assistant for Providing Cumulative Links to User's Relevant Information
  • Electronic book conversion system for appropriate date format user's environment
  • A support method for metadata schema development based on application profiles
  • Extracting Loanwords from Mongolian Corpora
  • A program library for developing web applications that display multilingual texts, including characters written vertically
  • A comparable study for reading novel over various media -Focusing on the character of various media for reading-
  • An Automatic Method for Impression-based Transliteration
  • Development of a Subject Vocabulary for a Malaysian Cultural Subject Gateway
  • Health information and television drama
  • A Study on Indexing Method of Identification Tools for Animals on International Code of Zoological Nomenclature
  • A research for availability of fact data on clinical literatures
  • A study of analysis and character -extraction method from Patent Documents -in the case of Business Method Patent-
  • Press release information distribution system for a cell phone using RSS format
  • An obstacle against the legislation introduced by a Diet member in Japan : Focusing on the legislative organs in the National Diet Library :
Master of Philosopy
  • A study of Utamakura of Yamagata region
  • The abolition of licensed prostitution movement at the Meiji era seen in "Jogakuzassi"
  • Design Teaching Method for Developing Information Ethics on Internet Anonymity

Doctoral Thesis (2005)

Doctor of Philosophy in Library and Information Science
  • Establishment of School Library in Special Education and Its Development in Japan -History of Library and Education for Persons with Disabilities-
  • Academic Collection Building and Japan's Research Information System
Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science
  • Methodology of Functional Selection for Enterprise Information Systems based on the Contingency Theory
  • A Study of Information Retrieval System using Subject Analysis
  • An Investigation on figurative expression of affective words: Experimental psychological research of the affective communication using abstract figures
  • The research of the Haiku document in the Meiji Era
  • A Study of Expression of Scientific Information and Organization Method of Web Resource System on the Concept of Structured Digital Object
Doctor of Philosophy
  • Study on growth of high-quality phosphorus-doped n-type diamond films and their electronic properties
  • Bibliographical Study of the Shinra no Kiroku
  • The Chinese translation of Japanese modern and contemporary works and its historic significance -the creations of and reflections on bibliography-

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