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Master's/Doctoral Thesis(2022)

Doctoral Thesis (2022)

Doctor of Philosophy in Library and Information Studies
  • Hidetoshi Kato's role as a Media Intellectual in Postwar History: The seer who observed rapid economic growth
  • The concept and practice of “Library as Place” in the public library
Doctor of Philosophy in Informatics
  • Legal Systems and Theories of Out-of-Commerce Works: Digitisation and Online Access of Library Materials
Doctor of Philosophy in Library and Information Sudies (by way of Dissertation)
  • Citation Classification on Academic Litarature
  • Establishing Cooperative Systems between Teachers, Teacher Librarians and School Librarians for Utilizing School Libraries: from the Perspective of Organization Theory
  • Effect of rewards on Sudoku solving performance: An experimental study on the role of the national culture and emotion
  • A Study on the Collection and Shelving of English Books in High School Libraries for Extensive Reading Programs 
Doctor of Philosophy in Informatics (by way of Dissertation)
  • The appropriate scheme and future prospects of legal system and policies in fair and hassle-free utilization and flow of personal data.

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