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Master's/Doctoral Thesis(2019)

Master's Thesis (2019)

Master of Science in Library and Information Studies
Master of Science in Informatics

Doctoral Thesis (2019)

Doctor of Philosophy in Library and Information Studies
  • A Study of Temporal Stages amd Human Senses in Information Seeking Behavior of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
  • Effects of Curated Infomation on Infomation behavior: Using Physiological Indicators to Estimate Users' Internal Condition
  • A Study on Cooperation between American Libralians and Publishers: the Establishment and Development of "The Freedom to Read"
Doctor of Philosophy in Informatics
  • A Study on Characteristics Slection in the Messages based on Non-negative Matrix Factorization 
  • A Study on Organaizing Heterogeneous Cultural Heritage Information in Networked Information Environments
  • High Precision Sparse Matrix Software Accelerated by SIMD
Doctor of Philosophy
  • Psychological Study on the Integration of Visual Features in Stimulus-Response Association 
Doctor of Philosophy in Library and Information Studies(by way of Dissertation)
  • Open Data Practices and Perceptions of Researchers in Japan
Doctor of Philosophy in Informatics(by way of Dissertation)
  • Development of a rubric for focusing on information untilization skills in inquiry learing

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