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Master's/ Doctoral Thesis(2006)

Master's Thesis (2006)

Master of Library and Information Science
Master of Information Science
Master of Philosopy

Doctoral Thesis (2006)

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science
  • An Investigation on Global and Local Precedence and Interference in Visual Information Processing
  • An Empirical Study on the Analysis of Site Contents and the Development of the Basic Framework of Elementary School Web Site
Doctor of Philosophy
  • Role of Literary Museums in the Study of Modern Japanese Literature
Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science (by way of Dissertation)
  • Internet Service Provision in Public Libraries -Viewed from the Architectural Planning of the Library-
  • A Study of Publishing of Complete Library in the Four Branches of Literature and its Cultural Importance
Doctor of Philosophy (by way of Dissertation)
  • A study on the color harmony and color affections produced by two-color combinations
  • Account Books of the Dutch factory at Hirado and Nagasaki: -Analysis of the accuracy of the recorded figures of the commercial transactions between Japan and the Dutch East India Company-

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