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Master's/ Doctoral Thesis(2008)

Master's Thesis (2008)

Master of Library and Information Science
Master of Information Science
Master of Philosopy

Doctoral Thesis (2008)

Doctor of Philosophy in Library and Information Science
  • A Study on Outcomes in Academic Library:Students' Library Use and Learning Outcomes
  • Enhancement and Utilization of Electronic Journal Archives
  • A study pertaining resources cultivation conducted in response to the diverse management Models of special libraries
  • A study on the Integration of Classification and Subject Headings in China
Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science
  • A study of digitization and bidirectional transliteration methods for Traditional Mongolian And Modern Mongolian
  • Loanword Extraction and Lemmatization in Natural Language Processing for Mongolian
  • Studies on Extraction of Causal Relationships in Patent Documents and Generation of Hypotheses by Analogical Reasoning with the Relationships
Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science (by way of Dissertation)
  • Geographic Information Media System based on concept of Informer and the user's interactions

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