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Master's/ Doctoral Thesis(2010)

Master's Thesis (2010)

Master of Library and Information Science
Master of Information Science
Master of Philosopy

Doctoral Thesis (2010)

Doctor of Philosophy in Library and Information Science
  • Support of a Privately Owned Archives for Cultural Administration
  • Analysis of the Residents’Behavior of Library Use in the Cities with Good Access to Libraries in a Widespread Area -A Study of Regional Planning of Public Libraries-
Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science
  • A Study on Development of Subject Vocabularies for Supporting Access to Information Resources
  • A Study on Sentence Prosody in Japanese Speakers of English with Verification by Speech Re-synthesis
  • A Research on the Potential of Behavior from the Stock of Information : Why Doesn’t Our Productivity in Fashion Business Improve?
  • A System for Appropriate Use of k-Means Clustering
  • A Policy-Based System for Institutional Web Archiving
Doctor of Philosophy
  • The form of acception of weekly magazine in pre-war days -consideration the relationship between popularity and supporting to continue of war
  • A Study of the Mind Structure Enjoying for Narrative Films

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