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Master's/Doctoral Thesis(2016)

Master's Thesis (2016)

Master of Science in Library and Information Studies
Master of Science in Informatics

Doctoral Thesis (2016)

Doctor of Philosophy in Library and Information Studies
  • Enactment and Transition in US Federal Government Library Legislation
  • Study on the Information Behavior of Actors ―Using Business Information and Health Information―
  • Public Library Services for Immigrants in Denmark: Based on Fieldwork for Library Staff and Users Crossing Boundaries
Doctor of Philosophy in Informatics
  • Study on Access Support by Interconnecting Information Resources with their Coordinated Uses at Research Institutes
  • A Study on Algorithms for Finding Correct XPath Queries
Doctor of Philosophy in Library and Information Sudies (by way of Dissertation)
  • A Study on Shera’s Thoughts and Practice on Library Science Education
  • Study on the Collaborative Reference Database (CRD) Project at the National Diet Library

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