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Master's/Doctoral Thesis(2017)

Master's Thesis (2017)

Master of Science in Library and Information Studies
Master of Science in Informatics

Doctoral Thesis (2017)

Doctor of Philosophy in Library and Information Studies
  • Study on the Use of Teaching Materials for Art Appreciation Education in Japanese Junior High Schools
  • Research on Method to Automatically Collect and Provide Questions Posted in Blogs and on Twitter using Machine Learning
Doctor of Philosophy in Informatics
  • A Study of Co-Dining Communication Support System in Asynchronous Environment
  • A Study on Provenance Description of Metadata Schemas for Longevity of Metadata in Networked Information Environment
Doctor of Philosophy
  • A Study of Ryuhoku NARUSHIMA: Focusing on his activities of speech and writing based on his overseas experience
  • Making War Memory: Formation and Transmission by Language Textbooks
  • Study on the Design from Noh Songs found in Books of Design Patterns for Kosode;
                       -Based on Materials from Classical Literature-
Doctor of Philosophy in Library and Information Studies(by way of Dissertation)
  • Analysis of Relevance Judgments through Text Reading: Based on the Text Comprehension Theory and the relevance Theory
Doctor of Philosophy in Informatics(by way of Dissertation)
  • A Study of Cultural Broadcast Programs for Woman: Genealogy and Quantitative Analysis of Flower Arrangement Courses

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